Boipeba Eventos
Boca da Barra – rua 5
Ilha de Boipeba
Municipio Cairu
CEP 45.426-000
CNPJ 10.144-649/001-30

Maurizio Michieli
Mobile (IT) +39.348.4112757
skype: maurizio.michieli


From Salvador
If you are arriving in Boipeba from Salvador, the best options are:
– by air;
– by a combination of road and river.

For the first option, Boipeba Eventos can hire an air taxi service, which departs from the tourist airport in Salvador.

For the second option, people can arrive in Valença by deluxe coach travelling along the Bay of all Saints, then take a speedboat from Valença (the river port) to the landing stage on Boipeba.

From abroad
From the European countries, the easiest option with the best quality/price ratio is with TAP (the Portuguese national airline company), stopping off in Lisbon. The stretch from Lisbon to Salvador takes 8 hours.
Depending on the chosen time of year and airport of departure, the stopover in Portugal can last around 2 hours (in which case you arrive in Brazil on the day of departure), or 12-15 hours, spending a night in Lisbon and departing for Salvador the next day.
In this latter case, TAP provides (at no extra cost, of course) a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and a room in a three -or four- stars hotel.
From extra-European countries, we suggest that you contact your travel agency.


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